Emotionally Durable Design: A solution to throw-away fashion?
Emotional attachment has been highlighted within several sustainable fashion movements including 'slow fashion'. This includes strategies such as local and made-to-order production; encouraging a shift in the systems and business models within the industry.
Fashion sourcing 101: Strategies for Successful Fashion Sourcing
Fashion sourcing, the process of locating and securing materials and products, plays a crucial role in the industry. Understanding the basics of fashion sourcing is essential for any fashion brand or business looking to succeed and thrive in this competitive landscape.
The new EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles by 2030
The escalation of textile production and consumption is undeniable, paralleled by an increasing impact on climate change, water and energy use, and overall environmental degradation.
Renewables at the heart of clothing production in Portugal
The rich history of clothing products manufacturing in Portugal spans over 150 years and is characterised by strong family traditions. Portugal's clothing manufacturers are increasingly recognised for their high-quality production and dedication to environmental responsibility.
Sustainable fashion sourcing: A Fabric of the Future
In recent years, the buzz surrounding "fashion sourcing" has taken on a deeper, more ethical resonance. When we speak of sustainable fashion sourcing, we're diving into a topic that addresses some of the world's most pressing challenges. From environmental woes to social responsibility.
The Green Thread: An Introduction to Sustainable Fashion
When we talk about sustainable fashion, we are referring to a movement that goes beyond just creating stylish clothing. It is a holistic approach that takes into consideration the impact of the fashion industry on the environment, society, and the economy and seeks to address the negative effects of traditional fashion and promote a more conscious way.
Unveiling the competitive edge of clothing manufacturing in Poland
Rooted in a colourful history and diverse cultural fabric, Poland is steadily ascending the ranks in clothing manufacturing. Various regions within the country have carved out a place for themselves in the global clothing industry.
Rethinking Fashion Production: The Benefits of Nearshoring for Sustainability
As the fashion industry seeks to become more sustainable, the role of sustainable supply chains and local economies in fashion nearshoring becomes increasingly important. Understanding the concept of fashion nearshoring and its evolution is crucial.
Unlocking Linen's Potential: Lithuania's Mastery in the Textile Sector
As global fashion trends evolve, there's a growing emphasis on sustainable and naturally sourced materials. In this era of transformation, Lithuania is making a name for itself in the worldwide linen scene, specifically in the manufacturing of linen clothing products.
Why empower small, medium, and local?
Fashion has become the second most polluting industry on the planet with huge resources consumption and overwhelming overproduction. Reshaping the surface of this industry may be the key to solve these environmental and economic problems.
Interview for mygwork.com
Vlady Vyshnevetskiy shares how Wonder Industries is helping to make the fashion world more sustainable and inclusive. He talks about the importance of LGBTQ+ allies and why more leaders should lead by example.
4 main advantages of using a B2B platform
There are many advantages to using a B2B e-commerce platform, and they are vital to business success. Here are a few reasons why using a B2B e-commerce platform is the direction to take.
5 typical B2B e-commerce misconceptions
There are a plethora of misconceptions around B2B e-commerce. From a misunderstanding of the complex technology available to a naivety around automation best practices that save both time and money, let's demystify this profitable industry.
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