Sell only to verified buyers.

Our company operates as an exclusive B2B platform, strictly accessible to verified buyers. We ensure the integrity and credibility of our users through a robust screening process managed in collaboration with our trusted partner service, HitHorizons. This process helps maintain the exclusivity of our platform, and underpins our commitment to providing a secure, trustworthy, and high-quality business environment for all our members.
What does it mean to make sales with us:

Absolute privacy and security.

We designed our platform with a strong emphasis on maintaining the confidentiality and competitive integrity of our sellers. Crucial information such as design, descriptions, and pricing details provided by sellers are not openly accessible on the Internet. We ensure that sellers cannot view each other's product listings and prices. Access to this sensitive information is exclusively available to verified buyers.

Exclusive approach to your sales.

We prioritise exclusivity over reach. Our goal is to curate a refined and select platform that offers optimum value to both buyers and sellers. We prioritize the quality of interactions over quantity, ensuring a high-end showroom. Moreover, we place a special emphasis on enhancing the sellers' experience, aiming to provide them with a platform that not only enables successful sales but also supports their growth and sustainability.

Wholesale innovations made simple.

We empowered sellers on our platform with a robust order management system and a powerful direct-to-customer chat. These tools are designed to streamline the sales process and foster efficient, clear communication. We provide sellers a comprehensive overview of their orders, ensuring efficient tracking and fulfilment. The chat functionality streamlines communication by eliminating the need for juggling between phone calls, emails, and various messengers.
We offer 60% less commissions on every €100,000 you earn, compared to typical agents' agreements. And unlike agents, we are not limited to a specific country or region.

Thanks to the membership fees paid by our buyers, sellers can join our platform without any initial costs. We operate on a commission-based system, which has been thoughtfully designed to support and encourage your business growth. The maximum commission rate is a mere 7%, which progressively decreases based on your monthly sales volume. This progressive structure not only incentivises higher sales but also significantly reduces your costs as your business grows on our platform.

Start for free.

  • Sell seasonal and permanent collections and designs
    On our platform you have the flexibility to offer both seasonal and permanent designs, as well as the unique opportunity to test new products before they hit the market.
  • Connect with fashion companies and retailers
    Our platform facilitates seamless connections with fashion businesses and retailers, fostering effective trade, networking, and collaboration opportunities.
  • Support, empower, and protect the local markets
    You will contribute to our mission of safeguarding European market, reinforcing its resilience against overseas competition and supporting regional economic growth.
  • Services for new businesses
    For sellers without a website or a store, our platform serves as an ideal springboard to kickstart their business, discover new markets, and reach potential customers.
  • Services for large companies
    We offer bespoke integrations with existing ERP systems and facilitate connections with established buyers, ensuring seamless and efficient trading.
The categories of sellers we work with:
Textiles, fabrics and knits suppliers
Sell your products to fashion brands, factories, and retailers.
Leather and alternatives suppliers
Sell your products to fashion brands, factories, and retailers.
Buttons and other accessories suppliers
Sell your products to fashion brands, factories, and retailers.
CMT factories and OEM suppliers
Sell your services to fashion brands, clothing suppliers, and retailers.
Clothing brands and ODM suppliers
Sell your products to retailers or other fashion companies.
3D design and visualisation services
Sell your services to fashion companies and independent designers.
Tech pack creation services
Sell your services to fashion companies and independent designers.
Pattern drafting and grading services
Sell your services to fashion companies and independent designers.
Don't see your category? No worries. Please reach out to us and we'll discuss your placement.

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