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All of your sourcing needs for one fixed monthly fee

We search and match your business with suppliers, services, and factories. You spend more time working on ideas not sourcing.
We will source the finest materials, unique suppliers, reliable factories, and services in just 2 weeks and with at least 2 suppliers to choose from.
We eliminate supply chain headaches and know the best CMT and OEM factories to produce products you need for your fashion brand or store.
We search and connect you with a high-end European designers, clothing suppliers, and ODM factories ensuring curated quality for our community members.
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Still sourcing on your own?

Finding a reliable supplier is not easy.
Doing it over and over again for every new collection is exhausting.
Wonder Industries transforms the UK and European markets into one online sustainable wholesale fashion sourcing ecosystem that interconnects all parties involved in creating fashion. An ecosystem that enables brands to find and shop from local distinctive fabric suppliers, leather tanneries, clothing suppliers, factories and service providers within Europe.
Discover companies our suppliers are working with:
71% of surveyed businesses are already increasing their nearshoring manufacturing capabilities, and half of them have started a major transformation to achieve manufacturing speed and flexibility.
Our services

We will act as your personal sourcing agent to find and deliver specific products or services located in Europe and to fill any gaps you might encounter when working on your collection.


Track your orders and communicate directly with sellers via chat or video call, consolidating all conversations in one convenient location and cutting the need for juggling between phone calls, emails, and messengers.


Explore a curated selection of European fabrics, leather, accessories, OEM and ODM suppliers, and a variety of individual services, all conveniently accessible 24/7 on our platform.


lower MSRP by accelerated time-to-market, fewer man-hours, and overall efficiency.


days access to a showroom with products and services for fashion.


less spending on sourcing, by consolidating and optimising supplier relationships.


faster to make an order and produce, compared to conventional fashion sourcing.

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